Uniderma Professional offers a range of top quality skin care products. The products are specially formulated to provide two stages of protection for sensitive skin: cleansing and care.

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If skin is endangered due to incontinence or prolonged recumbence, specialised cosmetics are an essential requirement for the patient’s health and well-being.

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Special formulation of the individual products and quick and handy application provide you with top quality skin care. It saves cost and time for nurses and attendants in nursing homes and at home.

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Professional Hydra System

Branded cosmetics for complete care for stressed and sensitive skin.

UNIXDERMA cosmetics are carefully developed all the way from the design of every new product through the selection of the best ingredients to the final production to ensure that our customers receive the very best product and find the cosmetics pleasant to use every day.

Meet our complete line of cosmetics UNIXDERMA. This cosmetics is designed for special care for stressed skin.

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